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Becerra Paint & Design is focused on high level craftsmanship.

From consulting and project management to our painting & decorating all projects are done at the highest level we can provide.

If your project requires high level craftsmanship and attention to detail, please send us a message to discuss your project.

Project Consulting

Becerra Paint & Design provides clients with our knowledge and expertise in the painting and decorating industry. We provide clients with detailed outline of the project, the use of proper materials, methods and equipment for completing the scope of work safely and in a timely manner. From budgeting, material selection and quantities to rental equipment we can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Large Projects - $1,940.00

Medium Projects - $1,164.00

Small Projects - $776.00


Project Management

Becerra Paint & Design offers project management for owner-builders, designers, general contractors and homeowners.

We use our recourses to plan, schedule and oversee new construction and restorations projects. We ensure the project is completed using the correct methods, materials, equipment & completed on-time and within budget. 

On-site full day - $800.00

On-site half day - $400.00


Painting & Decorating

Becerra Paint & Design specializes in the Restoration and Renovations of older homes using old world techniques paired with modern methods.

 From restoring paint, plaster and woodwork on historic homes to new construction of custom homes.

We offer our services to any painting and staining project where a high attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship is required.


Most Projects Are Quotes but we offer a T&M Rate Per Day = $900.00 Plus materials


Detailed Quotes

Becerra Paint & Design charges a fee for on-site and detailed written quotes. The fee is deducted from the total price with signing of the contract.


Detailed quotes will include a full evaluation of the project, scope of work, timelines, equipment selections, standard & alternative methods, material selections, paint colors & sheens, paint & primer specifications, payment schedules, breakdown of labor and material costs.


Residential New Construction - Interior Detailed Quotes $1,200.00

Residential New Construction - Exterior Detailed Quotes $900.00

Residential Restoration - Exterior Detailed Quotes $1,600.00

Residential Additions - Remodels - Interior / Exterior Detailed Quotes $700.00.00

Residential Re-paints - Interior / Exterior Detailed Quotes $600.00

Residential Interior Woodwork - $800.00

Residential Exterior Woodwork - $500.00

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