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Whether you are a real estate investor, owner-builder, general contractor, designer, project manager, facility manager, real estate agent or homeowner. I can help you get your project started or finish it.


I have helped clients with consulting and project management solutions on various painting projects from large commercial to small residential. I also offer full-time & temporary Project Manager / Super Intendent roles where hiring a permanent employee is not required or cost effective. If you work alone and utilize subcontractors or just overall need help with a project please feel free to send an email.


Historic Building Renovations - Historic Home Restorations - Historic Home Preservation - Lead, Mold & Asbestos Containment - Small Residential Developments - Custom Buil Home

Single-family Investment Properties - Multi-Family Investment Properties - REO Property Rehabs - Wholesale Properties - Condominiums - Storage Facilities - Facility Management Projects - 


Luxury Retail Build-Outs - Restuarant Renovation - Gas Station Renovation - Office Building Renovations - Office Space - Commercial New Construction - 


Project Liaison - Bid Comparisons - Contract Negotiation - Facility In-house Project Solutions - Investment Property Project Evaluation - Property Maintenance and Preservation Plans - Historic Renovation, Restoration and Preservation - Investment Rehab Projects - Owner / Builder Projects - REO Property Rehabs - Real Estate Property Evaluation/Solutions - Residential Coating Evaluation - Homeowner/General Contractor Pre-Bid evaluation - Homeowner How-To's 

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